Travel to the paradise of earth in this vacation

In this summer make your vacation with Hiking Trails In Switzerland of mix activities which starts from fitness levels, beautiful scenery, good shopping and plenty of optional excursions and time to relax. Switzerland is the ideal place to do all the activities.

The trip starts from the beautiful quaint village of Kandersteg located below the foot of the Bernese Oberland. This village is one street-town lined with chalets, restaurants and hotels with little traffic. Kandersteg is used as the base to hike to Oeschinensee, a pretty alpine lake located above 1580 metres.

These trips will take almost three days you can hike in Kandersteg to Kiental, another quaint village in the next valley. The hike will take you through the green forests and alpine meadows which and during the summer these are covered in carpets of flowers. You can way down to the cable car station and can easily slope about 1000 metres into Kiental. Cable cars are very much popular in this region as they are the funicular railways and rack-and-pinion railways abound in the area. These cars will allow you to hike at altitude and enjoy some amazing views of nature without putting too much effort.

hiking trails

You can stay one night in Kiental in the local hotel to take good amount of rest. The hotels offered in this area are comfortable and provides friendly services.

In these areas, your guide will help you a lot by suggesting the best. While you are travelling in a cable car from Kiental to First, a station at 2168 metres above sea level. The views into the valley as one rises are fantastic, but on this day clouds covered them on the last portion of the ride. The weather cannot stop us from hiking to a mountain hut at the top of Faulhorn, another 500 metres higher. This area was covered in fog with temperatures near zero; you can enjoy the warm surroundings and hot food.

During afternoon, you have many options to do, you can hike down to the valley to shop, or else you can continue the hike along the mountain range that separates the Grindelwald and Brienz Valleys. During a good weather the sights over the lakes around Interlaken are amazing, but even in the fog were there still the views are breathtaking.

Next day you can take a rack-and-pinion railway to the ridge above Lauterbrunnen and hike in the beautiful high route of Muerren. Hiking on the west side of the valley was amazing it offers outstanding views of Eiger, Jungfrau and Monch some of the utmost mountains in central-Switzerland.

Another optional hiking was to the Europe’s highest station Jungfraujoch located at 3573 offers amazing views. This location is suspended on the snowy ridge between Monch and Jungfrau. During winters, it offers different activities for the travellers.

Enjoy this vacation with exploring the paradise on earth with Russells Tours.


Five Tips to Follow While Opting for a Hiking in Wengen, Switzerland

Wengen, an ideal destination for hiking in Switzerland. It is surrounded by a range of fabulous mountains. People from various parts of the world visit this place every year. The skiing, mountaineering, the breathtaking surroundings, etc are what that can make you feel fresh and happy. Would you like to go to Wengen in Switzerland for hiking? If you are one of those who loves hiking then this is the best place. But before going, there are few things that you need to take care of and some of them are as follows.

Select the right equipment

While opting for any hiking, select light weight clothes. These clothes will protect you from rain as well as winds. You need to dress up in layers so that if the weather becomes bad you can remove it.

Let someone know about your journey

about4[1]It is essential to inform someone about your journey so that if any problem arises, he/she may know the location. You can inform it to a friend or family member who can help if you do not come back.

Plan your tour depending on the whether

Remember, whether is a vital thing that you need to consider. Mountains whether changes fast. Check the weather forecast so that you will not face any problems while travelling. Pay attention to the warnings (if any) about the rain.

Prepare yourself physically

Before going on a hiking go for either morning or evening walks regularly. Even if you walk 20 minutes everyday it is enough. Doing this can make your thighs used to walking a long distance at a time. Apart from this, you can either purchase or buy a hiking pole or bamboo stick .Buying this can help you a lot. Usually these things reduce the load off your legs. Sleep, eat and drink water properly before going for a hiking.

Be strong mentally

The physical abilities and tolerance of the people vary from one to another. Therefore, one can never expect anything until and unless he/she go for hiking. When you visit a new place, it’s the mind that makes you to explore .So, it is important to get prepared mentally so that if any problem arises you can face it boldly.

Thus, these are a few things that you should consider before you opt for hiking. There are many companies that provide touring services to their clients and Bill Russell’s Mountain Tours is one of them .It is a tour company located in Essex. It offers touring services to its customers to various parts like Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Spain, France, etc. at an affordable price. This company specialises in hiking and has years of experience in this field.

Feel Happier and Healthier with Mountain Trekking

Trekking works out your body as much as it does your brain. A simple one hour of mountain trekking can burn over 800 calories, but it depends on the level of the inclination and weight of the pack you are carrying. If you opt for mountain trekking, weight loss results are better. No doubt you will burn calories, but altitude plays a vital role in losing weight.

about4[1]Trekking in the mountains regularly decreases blood pressure as well as cholesterol. And it reduces the risk of heart diseases, diabetes as well as strokes. Similarly, trekking in the down hills is more effective than trekking up in the hills and it is because it removes blood sugars and improves glucose tolerance.

Researchers have proved that,

  • Trekking goes beyond cardiovascular health and it also helps the cancer patients recover.
  • Long distance trekking fights against various diseases, especially cancer.
  • Improves the antioxidant capacity
  • Brings mental peace
  • Inspire people with depression to lead an active lifestyle.

Being away from your daily lives and connecting yourself with nature and yourself can bring peace. Are you interested in trekking and wish to see the world from the top of the mountain? It’s quite easy to trek in the mountains with the following tips.

  • Moving around the rocks can be very much more tiring than you imagine. So, start with fewer miles and slowly build up to longer treks.
  • Be prepared to face anything. Carry snacks. Sunscreen, a small first aid kit, etc along with you while trekking.
  • Take someone with you who know the area and can guide you properly. Do not trek alone.

So, enjoy a wonderful trekking in the mountains with and feel happy.